Everbuild was acquired bySika in June of 2013; Sika is a Swedish company which was founded in 1910 by Kaspar Winkler. Originally selling a waterproofing agent for mortars, this was called Sika-1 and is still being manufactured and sold today. The company now employs over 17,000 people and has subsidiaries in 94 different countries.

Large scale manufacturing over all core products means Everbuild can make over 54 million cartridges a year, with more than 80 percent of the company’s products being manufactured right in their own factories. They even make all of their own Wood Adhesive, PVA and Acrylic Polymers.

Because of this Everbuild – A Sika Company are able to compete globally in their industry and give their customer assurance they are dealing with a producer which has in-depth technical capability.

Also providing excellent customer service as well, with 99% picking and order accuracy and 99% stock availability, a order collation system, dedicated sales personal and a fast turnaround. They strive to exceed the expectations of their customers.

If you needed more convincing, they also understand the importance of assurance and accredit, certify and test their products constantly to provide a quality service.

From an environmental standard ISO 14001 to CE approved products, comprehensive fire thermal and acoustic tests through to an ISO 9001 quality system accredited by the British Standards Institute, you can rest assured that this s a company setting industry leading standards in product compliances and testing.

Interested in purchasing any Ever Build products you can see what we have on offer here or for any other enquiries please contact us on 0800 103 2916 or if calling from a mobile on 01782 777227.