People are always looking for ways to set their gardens and outdoor areas apart from the rest. If you have a garden of your own, you’ll know it can sometimes be difficult to make it look different, attractive, and to keep it maintained.

One solution for this is decking! Decking is a major feature of many gardens these days – providing a comfortable, neat and tidy area you can enjoy and use to entertain.

So if you’re installing a decking area in your garden and want to make it a bit different, why not try out the latest trend... built-in planters! Here are our reasons for thinking built-in planters are great for any space:

  • Unlike floor-level planters, short plants can still provide privacy, thanks to the height of the built-in structure!
  • Elevated planters make it harder for pests to ruin your plants.
  • The small space makes built-in planters the perfect place to experiment with unique plants and flowers. Try something new, and take what you love to the rest of your garden!
  • The simplicity and elevation of built-in planters saves time compared to lugging dirt-filled planters indoors for the winter.
  • Built-in planters can give your deck a more natural feel, seamlessly blending the space with the rest of the backyard.
  • Built-in planters can be multi-use. Want a decorative place that you can sit? Not a problem with built-in planters that can double up as a bench!
  • Finally, they look good! Blooming flowers can only improve the look of your new deck and make your garden stand out!

At SJS Building Supplies we supply a huge selection of decking panels. As always, if you have any questions about any of our products, or you would like some advice regarding which products would be best for you; you can phone or email us for more information.