In recent years the garden has become more important than ever before. Rather than an irrelevant add-on that comes with a house, it is now considered a significant contributing factor to the overall value and style of a home.

Unusually, a garden designed in a rustic style appeals equally to people who are dedicated to their garden and those that are not. This is mainly because the extent to which the garden needs to be managed is very controllable as there are so many aspects to it.

If you are somebody who loves to spend their leisure time in the outdoors, then a garden filled with various plants and trees will appeal to you. Likewise, if you prefer to either sunbathe or stay indoors, then a rustic garden filled with pebbles and paving will be more your style.

Here are some of the features that you might consider for your rustic theme:

Lots of Greenery

Depending on how much time you would like to spend pruning and perfecting it, you might choose to have a lot of greenery in your garden or hardly any. This garden probably belongs to somebody who is very passionate about their garden and is dedicated to spending many hours in it. The designer has chosen to plant lots of thick shrubbery within the mossy hill so that when you look closely you can see all sorts of different plants in one small area.

Part of what makes this garden so stunning is the way in which the mossy grass overflows onto the bricks and fencing, merging all the different textures together into one gorgeous, ongoing theme. The pretty flowers provide pinks and purples that stand from their green backdrop, while the plants growing from the pond allow the water and bank to blend together beautifully.

Potted Plants

As well as planting flowers in a rainbow of colours all over your garden, if you are truly looking for that rustic appeal, mix it up with lots of potted ones as well. Potted plants scattered over the area make it look more interesting as it means that plants are visible at all sorts of different heights, giving the garden more character.

The example above shows how you can effectively mix up different sorts of shapes and designs as well. The pots are made from genuine pottery, black plastic, and even a heart-shaped, metal structure which is a striking feature that would throw a heart-shaped shadow over the wall behind it at certain times of the day.

Timber Fencing & Stone Slabbing

As you can see from the pictures above and below, a rustic garden does not need to be an old-fashioned one. These gardens have conformed to the rustic tradition of combining a variety of different textures - evident in the mixture of fencing, greenery, slabs, and stone while remaining modern and inviting.

In the image above, fence panels have provided a large feature in the garden as well as privacy. The texture of the timber fencing allows this synthetic structure to complement its natural surroundings.

In both images slabbing has also had a large effect on the overall theme. The large, lightly-coloured stone slabs above have been laid beautifully, matching the colour of the timber – although modern textures are featured throughout, natural beauty has been retained throughout in the numerous plants and trees.

Evidently, slabbing does not mean one particular style; the example below is slightly more rustic because of the way in which the slabs have been laid so that gaps appear between them. These gaps can be filled with concrete, sand, gravel, or stone, all of which look striking but are very easy to maintain.

Garden Furniture

Mixing the synthetic with the natural is a key feature of any rustic garden. In this example garden furniture has created a rustic effect; the metal chairs and overhead structure look as though they may have been there for decades but without looking outdated. The way in which the plants have grown over the structure epitomises the combination of man-made with nature and will eventually create an area that looks as if it is completely made from flowers. This would be a wonderful, shaded area to sit with friends over a glass of Pimms or juice in the summer time.

Finishing Touches

There are lots of finishing touches that you might like to add to your garden such as Roman-inspired statues, water features, bird baths, and more. Here we have chosen to present a tree swing; a feature which is always considered to be very romantic partly because they have been used for several centuries.

Adding a tree swing not only looks rustic, but allows the owner to take a few moments in the fresh air now and then which on a sunny day is truly satisfying.

If you would like to find materials for a rustic garden – whether you are a gardener designing on behalf of others, or a creative individual decorating their own garden – you can find all the resources that you need from us.