Drains lintels and cavity trays

Weep Vent provides 220mm² ventilation airflow

Replace a single mortar joint

Peep Weep offers a discreet drainage option

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Product Description

The Manthorpe G950/G951 Weep Vent is used to drain lintels, cavity trays and to ventilate cavity walls.

The product can be slotted between two bricks and mortared into position. It provides an unobtrusive ventilation point for the cavity behind.

The vent has a baffled grille to prevent the ingress of driving rain and wind whilst incorporating an insect grille and drip lip.

This grille is sized to keep out large insects but is wide enough that it will not be blocked by debris, paint or water droplets.

When used with the Manthorpe range of catchment trays the Weep Vent should be placed in the furthest corner away from the finished roof line.

The Weep Vent should be spaced at no greater than 900mm centres to meet N.H.B.C guidelines, which state, “weep holes are recommended to be sited at every 450mm maximum with at least two per opening above all windows and doors.”

The G951 Peep Weep provides a discrete, hidden solution to cavity wall drainage requirements.

The product features a mortar key to make sure it can be set in place and an external rib to aid positioning.

The weep’s protective hood is designed to guard against blockage during installation and stops penetration of wind driven rain.

The exit hole is ample for water drainage but small enough to prevent entry of large insects.

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